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Extreme Self Masturbation, Multiple Dildo Play, Anal n Pussy , Foot fucking, Vegetable Insertion, Cock Sucking, Cum Facials, Breast Milk Squirting n Tasting, and extreme squirting¦I can squirt up to 4ft! and a whole lot of Sucking and Fucking
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Nikki_Ferrari Free Live Sex

I offer 2 min DRAINERS nonstop pussy and ass play, I squirt on demand, fuck huge toys, daddy’s power drill, my bat and of course my renowned ( Mr. Bedpost Gold only) all in 2 min’s !

Nikki_Ferrari Free Live Sex 2
What I do in 2 mins would put the others girls to shame, shit what takes me 2 mins would take them 45 mins… theyd be still asking you where you from and stalling you for your time and credit…me on the other hand would have you finished and satisfied

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